Computer Consulting

We encourage you to invest in accounting software to maintain your books and records.  This investment will not only result in you generating timely meaningful financial information, but will allow you as a business owner and  your staff to spend more time on the profit making activities of your enterprise.

We have professionals proficient with Peachtree and Quickbooks accounting packages.  The firm is also a member of both Peachtree and Quickbooks accountant’s support networks which gives us the ability to troubleshoot issues more effectively.

Put us on your team to make your transition to an automated system less overwhelming to you and your staff.  As part of your team we will be able to reduce the learning curve you would otherwise incur because our previous experience enables us to install the software, customize it to meet your business needs and train your staff very effectively.  Also with our guidance, you and your staff will achieve confidence with your new system much more quickly.

We encourage you to meet with us at no charge to discuss your options.